Saskatchewan PNP EOI Draw Schedule

The new Expression of Interest (EOI) system of Saskatchewan took off from 16th July 2018. The draws for the SINP Expression of Interest (EOI) would be held on 19th September 2018 and 21st November 2018 as per the announcement by Saskatchewan government.

This new Expression of Interest (EOI) system of Saskatchewan is introduced to manage the points between the two major SINP categories i.e. Express Entry and Occupation in demand.

Candidates planning to immigrate to Saskatchewan under the Express Entry and its sub categories ought to register online on SINP online registration system with the completed EOI profile. Then after this the eligible candidates are invited, through Express Entry pool, to apply for SINP.

If the candidate who gets the invitation and receives the provincial nomination certificate for Saskatchewan, they can gain upto 600 points in the points system under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). This guarantees the Invitation to Apply for the Canadian Permanent residence (PR).

A point to be noted at this stage is that if the candidate applies through the Occupation in demand sub category, their applications not be processed under the Federal Express Entry System, it would be processes outside of the category mentioned.

New Express of Interest (EOI) System Working

In order to understand what all is taken into consideration while applying for new Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI) system, candidates needs to know how this new system works. Firstly, candidates aiming for either of the category i.e. Express Entry or Occupations in demand has to submit an online EOI profile. There are various factors that are required in order to fulfill the criteria of the same.

Following are some of those factors:-

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Language Proficiency (English/French)

Secondly, candidates are allotted points out of 100 according to the Saskatchewan unique assessment grid. In order to be considered for the pool, candidates need to score atleast 60 points out of 100 and satisfy all the necessary eligibility conditions.

The up gradation over the previous first come first serve model is that now the candidates who are issued  Invitation To Apply (ITA) is provided with 60 days or 2 months of time to submit their SINP online application.

There are some factors that are considered while ranking the candidates under the EOI pool. Candidates have to fit in these requirements in order to get the invitation.

  1. Candidates with highest point score are identified.
  2. If the candidates have equal scores, then the candidate who has the connection with the Saskatchewan province will be given first preference.
  3. Then after considering both the above points the candidates who possess highest work experience and language score are considered above the other candidates.

Points Calculator of Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI) System

The Saskatchewan PNP has its own Expression of Interest (EOI) points grid to allocate points to candidates under the two main heads i.e. Occupations in demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry. It allows candidates who are interested in the category to calculate the points as per their caliber by answering some questions under the Saskatchewan EOI ranking score.

Saskatchewan PNP in demand occupation list

The SINP or Saskatchewan PNP helps to nominate the skilled immigrants after some requisites are fulfilled.

Following are the requisites for the same:-

  • Education
  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Adaptability
  • Language Proficiency

Candidates need to fit in all these criterias in order to gain the desired points and move forward in the new Expression of Interest (EOI) system of Saskatchewan under the Canada immigration. There is specific in-demand occupation list under the Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI) system which lets the new candidates to know whether they would be able to apply in the said program under Canada Immigration.

Following is that In-Demand Occupation List:-

Occupation requiring Licensure

There are jobs that require the licensure. Following are those occupations under this head:-

NOC Code Job Type (Occupation)
0822 Horticulture Managers
2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
0211 Managers in Engineering
2131 Engineers in Civil field
2173 Designers  of Software
2154 Surveyors of Land
2173 Engineers in Software
2175 Web designers and developer
3111 Psychiatrists
2225 Landscape and horticulture technicians and specialists
3216 Sonographers in Medical field
3211 laboratory technologists in Medical field
3215 Radiation Technologistsin Medical field
4151 Psychologists
6331 Meat cutters
4151 Psychologists
3234 Paramedics
4214 Early assistantsand childhood educators
7311 Mechanics of Industry or Industrial mechanics
7204 Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades
7322 Motor vehicle body repairers
7312 Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
7321 Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics
7384 Recreation Vehicle Service
7237 Welders

Occupation not requiring Licensure

There are some occupations where the licensure is not required. Following are those occupations under this head:-

NOC Code Job Type (Occupation)
0911 Manufacturing managers
2123 Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists
0821 Managers in agriculture
0912 Utilities managers
2242 Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)
8252 Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
4162 Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts

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