Quebec Immigration on 4th July 2018 announced a new system in which they will accept the application under an Express Entry style. The process has already started on 2nd August 2018. Initially on 3rd July 2018, David Heurtel the provincial nominee minister announced the policies on twitter.

This new system has replaced the current Expression of Interest System of Quebec that had first come first serve system of application processing. Anyone interested in Quebec Skilled Worker Program has to initially submit an online Expression of Interest profile to Immigration Ministry of Quebec. It will reduce the application processing time to less than year i.e. 12 months.


In order to be eligible for the new Quebec EOI system, the candidates has to fulfill few conditions and calculate the points through Quebec Points Calculator as the Following are those conditions a candidate has to fulfill which allows them to go through the whole process:-

Factors Maximum Points Allocated
Age 16
Presence of Accompanying Children 8
Language Proficiency 22
Training Area 12
Work Experience 8
Education 14 (Cut off score is 2 points)
Family and stay in Quebec 8
Validated job offer 14
Accompanying children 8
Financial Self Sufficiency 1

Quebec New EOI System Changes

Quebec immigration ministry has announced some changes under the new Quebec Declaration of Interest System. This is done to make the application process faster. Following are those changes that are being announced recently:-

  • Declaration of Interest must be submitted by candidates.
  • Invitation to be in possession by the candidates and submission of completed application form to Quebec Immigration System for CSQ.
  • Candidates with highest points are invited to apply for Quebec Selection System (CSQ).
  • Once CSQ certificate is issued to the candidate, federal application should be submitted by them.

Changes in Quebec Immigration Investor Program (QIIP)

There have been changes in the Quebec Immigration Investor Program under the new Quebec EOI system.

Following are the changes in the same:-

  • The new minimum net worth is CAD 2 million as compared to previous CAD 1.6 million.
  • New Minimum investment is CAD 1.2 million as compared to previous CAD 8,00,000.

QIIP Eligibility

There are some eligibility conditions a candidate needs to fulfill in order to proceed further. Following are those eligibility conditions:-

  • Candidates must intend to settle in the Quebec.
  • There should be an investment of CAD 1.2 million from the candidate side into a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of 5 years bearing no interest.
  • Candidate’s work experience should be minimum of 2 years within 5 years of filing the visa.
  • Legal net worth of the candidate should ne CAD 2 million.

Comparison of Old and New Quebec Skilled Immigration program

Following is the side by side comparison of old and new Quebec Skilled Immigration system. This will help the candidates understand how to proceed further and clear out the doubts about the new immigration process:-

Old Quebec Immigration System New Quebec Immigration System
Unmarried candidates must score atleast 50 points and with spouse/common law partner atleast 59 points Under this the candidates will be allocated points based on different selection factors and should wait for the invitation by Quebec government
First come first serve Expression of Interest
Restricted intake for non-cap-exempt candidates No restrictions on EOI profiles submitted
Long evaluation system for the Cap-exempt candidates EOI profiles valid for an year from the date it is submitted
Candidates who are interested must submit their profiles online portal named as ‘Mon project Quebec’ Under this the interested candidates can express interest by completing online profile via Quebec Expression of Interest Bank
Long wait for candidates who submit their applications Successful candidates are issued the invitation to apply from Quebec Expression of Interest Bank

Quebec Experience Class Changes

There has been a recent announcement for the changes in the Quebec Experience Class or PEQ. This stream is unbolted for candidates who have recently completed their diploma from the recognized Quebec school or possess a 12 month experience in past 24 months in a full time job in Quebec. The experience should be in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) Skill type 0, skilled level A or Skill level B. Also to add on NOC skill level C and D are eligible to apply for CSQ via Quebec Experience Program.

The other factor added is, the accompanying spouses and common law partner, of candidates who are eligible, can present themselves as the principal candidate while filing the required visa in the CSQ application process.

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