The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is best known for an economic immigration program which is designed to help Ontario labor market and economic developments. This nominee program has reached to non-rural nomination for 2017.

It is one of the busy years for OINP, in which they accept applications under different immigration stream. Canada’s heavily settled non-rural area has allotted 6000 nomination which is for one year and ONP announced that on 22 November this nomination are completed.

It is clear by ONP that all paid application which is submitted will be managed or there will be any action regarding these applications. Applications which are approved will get provincial application certificate in 2018 and soon these applications will be notified at that time.


Active year for human capital priorities, international Graduate streams

For OINP it is one of the active year in which entries are linked like Human Capital Priorities Stream in which Ontario immigration authorities will allow to search the Express Entry for those applicants which are eligible into non-rural labor market.

On different number of affairs HCP stream is open and closed in 2017 and mostly it is in November. However when there is May time NOIs were issued but on weekly basis which is through HCP. According to the June graph this stream has removed the requirements which are at least 400 comprehensive ranking systems. This is for those candidates who have work experience in IT sector.

According to the past year ONPs international open on number of occasion for the candidates who are Masters and PhD graduates. In both the stream Ontario allow international student to live and work permanently in non-rural area.

Something new and much improved streams

In 2017 the OINP introduced the third express entry for those candidates who are skilled in trade workers which are in addition to Human capital Priorities Stream. French speaking skilled worker streams also has expressed entry-linked in Ontario.

In Ontario express entry candidates with experience in construction and agricultural sector targeted by express entry skilled trader’s streams. Ontario invites these candidates to apply for labor market in those industries. It is said that OINP stream is expanding so that they can target other workers from other sectors in the future.

During past year OINP modified Employer Job Offer stream and they updates their Entrepreneur stream. Ontario job offer stream streamlined its application for international students and overseas workers for offering job.

The Year Ahead

According to multi-year immigration plan Ontario will give benefit from the allotment in 2018 which is under the federal government and it is announced in the month of November 2017. It is clear that Canada has provincial Nominee program allotment target of 51,000 and now it is increase up-to 55,000 in 2018. Target for PNP calls in federal plan calls which increases for 32 percent between 2017 and 2020.

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