New South Wales List Updated! Check Out Your Chances to Migrate to New South Wales?

New South Wales is the state situated in the east coast of Australia. It is abbreviated as NSW. The factors like the world’s finest beaches, seaside towns, surrounded by vibrant cities like Sydney makes New South Wales the best place to live in. The New South Wales is the most influential and multi-culture state in Australia where over 200 languages are spoken. Here people are open-hearted and ready to accept new people irrespective of their background. The New South Wales has many career opportunities in sectors like Manufacturing, Mining, and Agribusiness. Apart from these sectors, you can find sectors like Aquaculture, biotechnology, communication and viticulture which is tremendously emerging day by day.  If you are planning to settle in New South Wales under Australia Immigration, here is the opportunity for you.

  1. The New South Wales has updated its occupation list for State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190, along with the addition of five points to an overall points score of an applicant for a permanent visa. The candidates with the highest score have more chances of getting selected. If you have high scores as well your occupation is in demand then your chances of getting selected increases. The selection and invitation criteria will be based on an online basis throughout the financial year.
  2. The New South Wales along with the Department of Home Affairs has designed their Skilled Migration program through which state government tries to fill the labor gap by hiring the skilled workers. The NSW Government has commenced its program with the new skilled list for the Skilled Sponsored Visa Subclass 190. The Subclass 190 visa allows you to live and work in Australia on the Permanent basis. The candidates who have a nomination from Australian state are eligible to apply for this visa. The selected candidates have to live and work in NSW for their initial two years on this visa.
  3. In the Latest occupation list, there is an inclusion of Management consultant but occupations like cook, hotel, motel managers, and special need teachers have been evacuated from the list. The best news is that the Enrolled Nurse Occupation still persists on the list which is the most popular occupation among South Asians.
  4. The 190 visa is known as a points-based visa. The applicants who receive a nomination from states get five additional points in their overall points score. The addition of five points really helps applicants in getting the permanent visa because it helps them in getting the required points on the points system. Generally, the candidates feel difficult to apply for Skilled Independent Visa as the points requirement is high. However, under the subclass 190 visa, there is an addition of five points that help in supporting their case.

For being eligible to apply for this visa, you must have the nomination from the Australian state government and have to meet the eligibility criteria. For availing more information about the latest changes, you can seek the assistance from the professionals by dialing official helpline +91-7042184185 or drop your queries on

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