Many Canadian Visa holders and Canada Immigration aspirants want to know how to check Canada Visa original or fake. It’s very important to know the tips to differentiate between original and duplicate Canada visa because of the countless frauds prevalent everywhere. Reading this article can save you from a huge trap. Mostly, visa applicants are dependent on visa agents and immigration consultants. But, they must know that every agent or consultancy is not genuine and reliable. For own interest, they can provide the applicant with a fake Canadian visa.

Such agents or consultancies are not registered and are always in search of Canada immigration aspirants to set a trap. They can’t advise or consult you about the real process. In fact, they can take advantage of your innocence or ignorance by tricking you into giving them money. So, keep reading this article to know the authenticity of a genuine Canadian visa. It’s important to know about the proper visa document procedure. The following are the methods to identify whether your Canada visa is genuine or fake.

How to Differentiate Between Original and Duplicate Canada Visa

The Canada visa is an official document issued by the government of Canada to a foreigner to reside in their country. Many people are ignorant of the authenticity of that visa, which allows crafty agents to copy the design and style of the genuine visa to make money illegally by providing fake visas.

You will know how to check your visa’s authenticity by reading the following tips:

  1. Inappropriate font: You must know that the original visa font is same in the part of the visa without the printing of irregular letters. But, on a fake visa, you will see irregular font and letters everywhere.
  2. Mistakes in French words: The fake visa makers are not knowledgeable enough to copy each and everything properly, which will allow you to find mistakes in the main parts. In the original Canadian visa, French words are also used with English due to being the Canada official language. Duplicate visas don’t have the proper printing of French words. For example, in duplicate visas, an error is found in Document No. in both of the official language English and French.
  3. Watermark in surname: In the genuine Canadian visa, the printed word ‘Surname’ on the visa, override the surname with watermark for example ‘RAI’ of the applicant. But, in the fake one, this watermark is found across the word ‘Surname’.
  4. Recognize the title ‘Canada’: In genuine Canada visas, the title Canada is printed in the top centre. The spacing below this title is quite less in the original one. On the contrary, there is too much spacing above and below this title in a fake visa.

If you properly check all the points mentioned above in your Canada visa, you will be able to identify whether your visa is original or fake. And, a fake visa can bring about countless problems for you. If you are found with such visa at Airport, you will be immediately arrested and imprisoned. So, it’s wise to go to a knowledge and reliable immigration consultant and stay away from such crafty individuals. The immigration professional you choose must be authorized and registered to give advice and support from the national regulatory organization of Canada known as ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).

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