Canada Immigration has always been the first choice for immigrants worldwide. Canada not only offers huge career opportunities but also takes care of all the needful healthcare & social benefits.

Recently, it’s been in the news that three Canadian cities named Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary were ranked as ‘the most livable cities in world’ according to the Global Livability Report provided by The Economist magazine for 2017-18.

It is interesting to note here that in the field of education and healthcare services, all the three Canadian cities have scored full marks. Toronto and Calgary have also scored well for stability while Vancouver is on the top for Culture and Environment.

According to the report, down fall of US & UK’s ranking post BREXIT and Trump’s policies boosted Canada Immigration to a higher level. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, each of the three Canadian cities has been particularly attractive to the immigrants in the recent years.

From this recent survey, it has been very crystal clear that being mid-sized and having relatively low population density are the major driving factor for immigration in these Canadian Cities. Since the low population density is directly linked to a reduced crime rate and better infrastructure, these cities are serving a lot towards the growth of Canada Immigration.

In Toronto & Vancouver, around half of the population is of immigrants. Most of the Canada Immigration takes place either through the Skill Migration program, the refugee and humanitarian programs, or through the family sponsorship programs.

As per the Canada Immigration Plan 2017, around 57 percent of 300,000 immigrants are expected to settle as permanent residents in these Canadian Cities through the Skilled Migration category.

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