What is the Best Pathway to get PR in Australia?

Undoubting, Australia is the best place to live in because of its inevitable attractions such as spectacular beauty, multi-culture society; various study destinations and the sound economy. Australia is considered as best place to live in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. After so much availability, who would not like to live in Australia? Here check out the ways to get PR in Australia.

Australia Government has crafted various visa categories that provide Permanent Residency in Australia. Every year the ratio of overseas Immigrants is increasing dynamically in Australia, all thanks to well-organized manner Australian Immigration system. Australia Immigration system has fewer complications and unequivocal Immigration policies.  Whether you are a newcomer or a Skilled Worker Immigrating to Australia is convenient for everyone.

First of all, you need to choose the right visa category as per your qualification and work experience and proportionately, you need to gather all the required documents to apply. Australia has its own occupation list that consists of those occupations that are high in-demand in Australia and the aspirants need to nominate the occupation that suits their profile and correspondingly, need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through online Skill Select System.

Popular Visa Categories that Provide PR in Australia

The best pathway to get PR in Australia is to apply for the visa category that is under the General Skilled Migration program (GSM). General Skilled Migration is a points-based system and the aspirants need to score at least 65 points on Australia Points System to be eligible to apply for the visa. Visa Categories that comes under the General Skilled Migration Program:

a) Subclass 189 Visa

Subclass 189 is known as Skilled Independent Visa and is for the skilled workers who wish to live in Australia permanently. This visa category belongs to those candidates who have no nomination from Australian state/territory government or family members. After the grant of subclass 189 visa, you have full right to live and settle in Australia permanently. You may complete your studies during your stay. The best part about this subclass 189 visa is that you can apply for Australian citizenship after spending initial years and meeting the eligibility requirements. Your family members can accompany you in Australia.

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b) Subclass 190 Visa

Subclass 190 visa is known as Skilled Nominated Visa. It is also known as State Sponsored Visa. The aspirants who are nominated by Australian state/territory government are eligible to apply for this visa program. The subclass 190 visa allows you to live and settle in Australia for the indefinite period of time.  This visa provides Permanent Residency in Australia.

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In both the above visa subclasses, you have to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) via Online Skill Select. The other requirement is to score at least 65 points on Australia Point system. The Australia Points System is designed by Australia’s government to fill the void gap in the labor market. It includes factors like Age, Education, Work experience, English language ability etc.  To increase your chances of getting the Australia Permanent Residency, you have to score high on the points system. Higher the score, more are the chances to receive Invitation to apply (ITA’s) by Australia Department of Immigration. After receiving the ITA, you have to apply for the visa application within 60 days.

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