What are the Benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency?

Canadian state offers various opportunities for gaining the permanent residency under the Canada Immigration process. People aim to get Canadian Permanent Residency as it offers the various immigration benefits attached to it if a candidate gets one. In order to gain the Canadian permanent residency a candidate needs to fulfill the Canada Permanent Resident requirements or eligibility and fill out the Canada Permanent Resident application to proceed further. Candidates can Calculate the eligibility by a Canada PR eligibility calculator.

There are various benefits that a candidate enjoys if they gain a Permanent Residency.

Following Are Those Benefits:-


The permanent residency holders are given the right to free education upto the age of 18 years in the public schools of Canada. Even after schooling, there are various fees reductions that the Canada PR visa holders enjoy as compared to international students.


People pay taxes according to the residency status rather than citizenship. The concerned person has to pay taxes in Canada from the worldwide income. Taxes are paid on municipal, federal and provincial level. The assets are taxed for the new immigrant under the law of Canada.

Health Care

The Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa holders get qualified for the health care coverage from 3 months after they arrive in Canada.

Parental and Maternity Leave

This facility is for parents who are working and has a newly born or adopted child. The mother gets a 12 months off and has the right to receive 65% of their income.

Parents can also opt for partial leaves which are available upto 35 weeks. It is optional for parents to split the time or one parent can take all the leaves.

In order to be eligible for this both the parents must have worked atleast 75 days of 8 hours shift i.e. upto 600 hours.

Benefits in Canada Child Tax

Families who come under the low income group and have children under the 18 years of age receive Government payments on the monthly basis. Government does that so that the family expenses are managed properly.

Following are the subcategories it is divided into:-

  1. Canada Pension Plan
  2. Old Age Security
  3. Guaranteed Income Supplement

Under these 3 programs, financial support is provided to people who have reached the retirement age i.e. 65 years. In order to be eligible the candidate needs to qualify for specific residency requirements and ought to have paid taxes to contribute in the system.

Chance to become Canadian citizen

The Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) visa holders have the right to apply for Canada citizenship. As per the current Canada law the Permanent Residency (PR) holders must physically stay for atleast 1460 days in six years before the Canadian citizenship is filed.

Can work and stay anywhere in Canada

Except for few high security jobs, a Permanent Resident can work with any employer and stay anywhere they want on the Canadian land.

Benefits on Social Security

Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) holders get benefits of various social securities. These social securities are as follows:-

  1. Basic Pension
  2. Insurance for Unemployment
  3. People who can’t work due to any physical disability receive the social security
  4. Low Income gets the benefit of subsidized lodging.
  5. Compensation to workers
  6. Private Nurses on a subsidized rates
  7. 98% subsidy on medication needs for low income people
  8. Job training free courses

Exemption on Tax for Income Outside Canada

Taxes are paid by Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) holders only on the physical residency and there is no tax on the income earned outside the Canada.

Canadian Law Protective Cover

The Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) holders gain protection under the Canadian Law and Charter of rights and freedom of Canada.

All in all, it is fairly easy to gain Permanent Residency in Canada and a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) holder receives lot of benefits under this visa.

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