What are the Benefits of Australia Permanent Residency?

What is Australia Permanent Residency? It is an authority or a dignity which is bestowed to the foreign applicants who is enthusiastic about obtaining the Australia Permanent Residency. Australia is counted as the ninth largest economy with unparalleled quality of life, health, political rights, education and economic liberty. Due to Australia subtle and smooth immigration policies and rules, heaps of immigrants travel to and settle in Australia every year. Currently, the Australian immigrant percentage is 26% of the Australia population.

There are bunch of benefits to rave about Australian Permanent Residency that are smacking on the doorstep of the foreign applicants. Here is the list of benefits of Australia Permanent residency (PR).

Live in Australia

The applicants applying for Australia PR gets the benefit of living in Australia for unlimited period of time. Australia PR visa has some validity after which it got expired but if candidates desire to live more in Australia then they have an option to renew their visa. Applicants can renew their visa by applying through five year Resident Return Visa (RRV), in order to continue you Australian PR visa.

Medicare Benefits

Australia provides health related benefits to the applicants who are given the status of Australia PR. The healthcare program called National Health Scheme is designed to provide best medicare facilities to eligible Australia PR. These services constitutes of free diagnosis or treatment in public hospitals and availability of medicines at low rate.

Social Security

The applicant holding an Australia PR visa is subjected to social security only when they have completed their 2-year duration of living in Australia. They are eligible for the benefit of getting social security after two years with reference to Australia Social Security Department (also termed as Centrelink). Under this applicants will get social welfare aids related to student, sickness, unemployment etc.

Education loans

While living in Australia on Australia PR visa, the applicant is also subjected to right of applying for higher education loans or student loan. This educational loan benefit is available only to the Australia PR holders and citizens where they can study without any obstructions and can avail the loan benefits, if they are short of financial funds.

Sponsorship of Family members

An Australian PR visa holder has the advantage of sponsoring their family members and relatives for different Australia PR visa, only if their eligibility matches with regard to the Migration regulations 1994.

Apply for Citizenship

One who gets the designation of Australia Permanent Resident (PR) by the Australia government gets an opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship after devoting some prescribed period of time in Australia.

Work opportunities

Australia PR holders are allowed to work in any specific region of Australia, in any nominated occupation and for any employer. They are free to work and enjoy equal rights which an Australian citizen enjoys. The industrial laws of Australia are very smooth and easy to follow as compared to other countries.

Increase in Credit Rating

You will notice an abrupt increase in credit rating as an Australian Permanent Resident which will impact your eligibility in a positive manner to gain home loan, car loan, personal loans, credit cards etc.

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