Australia’s highest paid job

Australia is one of the biggest countries with the population of Twenty-Three millions and still  is a huge land who offers great job opportunity to both of its own countrymen and migrants. However, sometimes there is quite drastically difference of incomes across the state and city. Cities like Sydney, Melbourne always offers the highest paid job to the skilled workers.

To gain the proper knowledge of the earning of every particular profession we need to take a deep look over the recent surveys.

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From one of surveys of the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) report in 2015-16, we have got the exact figure of average annual salary and the number of individuals with their professions. Below is the list of the report:

Professions Average  yearly Income
Surgeon $361,201
Anaesthetist $319,003
Internal medicines specialists $263,600
Finance dealers $219,212
Legal professionals $192,190
Psychiatrist $186,779
Mining engineers $166,400
medical practitioner $166,020
Chief executive and managing director $152,374
General medical practitioner $144,500
The other Best Paid Occupations are (Male) :
Profession Annual Average Salary
Futures trader $264,820
Endocrinologist $258,982
Cricketer $257,537
Rheumatologist $256,923
Dental specialist $253,452
Magistrate $246,747
Equities analyst &Investment dealer $245,836
Paediatrician $239,415
Stock exchange dealer; Stockbroker $238,190
Psychiatrist $234,550
Emergency medicine specialist $232,593
Member of Parliament $232,094
Pathologist $224,379
Company secretary  corporate governance $218,431
Stategovernor $212,653
Actuary $196,145
Sports physician $187,469
Petroleum engineer $185,807
The other Best Paid Occupations are (Female):
Profession Annual Average Salary
Judge — law $355,845
Neurosurgeon $323,684
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon $281,609
Futures trader $281,601
Vascular surgeon $271,530
Gynaecologist & Obstetrician $264,627
Gastroenterologist $260,926
Magistrate $260,160
Anaesthetist $243,583
Ophthalmologist $217,243
Cardiologist $216,920
Urologist $213,095
Surgeon — general $210,797
Medical oncologist $208,613
Specialist physicians — other $207,598
Specialist physician — general medicine $207,226
Otorhinolaryngologist $200,137
Dermatologist $195,031
Diagnostic and interventional $185,012
radiologist $180,696
Orthopedic surgeon $159,478
Neurologist $155,218
Renal medicine specialist $155,136

The latest Tax Office data says it clearly that the male neurosurgeons have the best-paid job in Australia, taking home a whopping $577,674 a year.

For women, it’s the occupation of Judge who led the pack with $355,844.

With that we also can see broader representation from the mining, financial and broader business industries.

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