Arrima Portal in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) has become the talk of the town. It’s wise to be aware of the portal for the Quebec Immigration. All of first, a candidate must create an Expression of Interest profile in Arrima for the Immigration to Quebec through the QSWP.

The new online portal called Arrima is active now. All Canada Immigration hopefuls desiring for the Canada Permanent Residency through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) are able to express their interest to the government of Quebec by creating a profile using the online portal Arrima.

The Quebec government made a move to an Expression of Interest (EOI) system for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program in August. Due to this, it has become compulsory for all desiring candidates to create a profile and give answers appropriately to the questions concerning their area of training, education, proficiency in the French language or any other one, work experience, etc.

The Quebec’s Immigration Ministry (MIDI) has said that those eligible candidates will receive invitations who can satisfy certain criteria, mainly the labour market needs in the different regions of the province. On receiving an invitation, the candidate can apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) to the government of Quebec. The CSQ can be used to apply for the Canada Permanent Residency Visa to the country’s government.


Arrima system is quite different and much better than the last first-come, first-served one. There is no limit on the candidate number put into the QSWP bank. To submit a profile, an applicant has to be at least 18 years old. And, they have to obtain the passing marks for selection according to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points grid. Not much is told about the information about the ranking system in the QSWP bank. Despite providing a ranking system, it is still a mystery that it will work like the Canada Express Entry System CRS or not.

How Arrima Works

The candidate using the Arrima portal is put into a virtual waiting room, wherein, they need to wait by that time when they get a notification about their turn to get into the portal. Having accessed the portal, they get 90 minutes here. The candidate is advised to avoid losing the information provided to that point in the event one’s 90 minute-session is over. Candidates have 30 days to make and complete their profile, and this profile has one-year validity. If placed in the EOI pool, the candidate can update their profile if needed by giving new information or change that information they gave in the 12-month period of validity. When they get an invitation given by Quebec to apply for a CSQ, they get 90 days to submit an application.

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